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Had Sandra been able to live tweet her time in jail, or to make a cell phone video from inside the jail, what insight would she offer to the facts of her case, and how would she advise people of color in order to survive in a police state after her experience?

The project is named after Sandra's eponymous video series Sandra expressed her views on police brutality, the Black Lives Matter campaign, and offered insight on how Black people of color should feel towards antagonism created by law enforcement.

Sandra Bland's arrest was watched online and on television by millions of individuals, yet the moment she entered the Waller County jail was the moment surveillance failed. , What is the racial demographic breakdown of cops? In this fashion Sandy Speaks seeks to find out what people want to know about these topics.

Discrepancies in reports by police and fragmented footage released after Bland's death allowed for conspiracies and skepticism to accumulate. As she receives those questions, she will acquire new answers.

We gave valuable insight into our lives as successful women in our respective fields of work and what it felt to be a Women Icon. The gender does not become an obstacle if one is determined to excel.

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