Fixie singlespeed shop berlin

by  |  09-Aug-2017 14:52

As bike saddles go, it's reasonably comfortable, but padded pants are a must. I'm not the fittest of chaps but have manage to scale a few big hills I wouldn't have been able to on a mountain bike.

Overall, I love the bike, amazing price for the quality and spec.

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It cannot be difficult for a half-decent mechanic to index rear-derailleur gears properly.

Yet when the bicycle arrived, it appeared that zero effort had gone into this detail before dispatch.

Plus it looks pretty cool too, I went for the Matt black.

I ordered my bike shortly before going on holiday, so phoned planet x to ask if the build could be put back so that it was not delivered while we were away.

The geometry sits nicely between aggression and endurance, with a riding position that you can comfortably maintain for hours, while still having the aerodynamics and snappy handling to put the power down for the sprint to the next road sign.

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