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As of 2013, 87 fire lookout structures remain standing on the tops of rugged summits across the state of Washington.

This page provides some history, locations, and photos of these last standing sentinels of Washington's past.

Five (Kloshe Nanitch and Lone Mountain on the Olympic Peninsula, Pine Mountain and Sopelia near Yakima, and Flagstaff in Colville/Kaniksu NF) have since become "standing no more." As the years progress, more lookouts will inevitably fall into unrecoverable disrepair.

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Promptly abandoned in 1970, volunteers worked on constructing a new cab during the late 1990s.

The lookout may be added to the Recreation Rental program in the future.

By the mid-1970s, most lookouts had been abandoned as fire-detection began to rely more on technology and aerial reconnaissance.

Some lookout structures were deconstructed by government agencies worried about liability, some have been left to rot, and some have been restored and are maintained by hikers.

After a botched attempt to restore the cabin onsite, winter damage necessitated removing the entire structure by helicopter for offsite restoration.

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