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Unfortunately their site won’t seem to load on my laptop (an apparent server issue, not sure if it’s a problem down my end or theirs) but I would absolutely love the lavender backpack (Baxter backpack).

Lilac is my favourite colour and I love simple, minimal bags with beautiful accents or structure. https:// https:// https:// The best combination for the streets of Madrid in summer: Day: exploring the city’s hidden spots https:// Night: endless warm nights https:// love from Spain!

So nice to see these colour combinations in leather. https:// The Baxter Backpack Nude (https:// The backpack is in a classic colour that will suit every outfit I have. I’ve recently started using backpacks since I study at a university and I needed a lot of books with me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful products with us on DLF! https:// This fold-over and reversible clutch seems so versatile!! But that Stanley clutch is pulling at my heart strings. A simple stand out bag is the perfect addition to any outfit to pull it together.

https:// The Compadre Clutch in Nude/Silver or Taupe/Pale Blue is too cute to resist! It’s the perfect size to carry around my everyday essentials. https:// In love with the lavender Baxter backpack. All the backpacks are so nice, and the colors are so pretty! And last but not least those flat Stanley clutches! this one should be mine https:// I think the Flat Stanley clutch is my favorite it can go from day to fun night out and combines my summer go to color neutrals tan & gold can’t go wrong!

https:// https:// Oh wow, I love the baxter lavender backpack https:// AND scuba tote in navy or maroon, I can’t decide. My favourite products are the purple/silver clutch https:// And the scuba tote https:// Thanks! With all my traveling lately, this would come in handy! https:// Going back to get my graduate degree and have had a hard time finding a smaller but cute backpack. https:// https:// https:// The baxter backpack in nude is so so beautiful!!!! These products are so eye catching but perfectly classic at the same time!

I love all the compadre clutches but especially these two colour combos: https:// https:// [email protected] I love the classicness of the Flat Stanley Clutch (https:// and the versatility of the Triangle Pouch (https:// Wish I knew about this brand sooner but glad Design Love Fest featured this brand. Totes adorable 🙂 https:// These bags are PERFECT for festival season – think I’m going to need one for Outside Lands this year 🙂 My favorites are: https:// and https:// I am in absolute love with this backpack!! What could be better than a tiny wallet purse, that can be thrown into a bigger bag when you have to risk it? As a mom of two I’ve been searching high & low for a great leather backpack that would meet my needs with the babes but also grow with me! Fingers crossed I’ll be rocking one soon 🙂 xo Pretty much the entire site, but… https:// LOVE the Baxter backpack in lavender:https:// With a stud wallet to match:https:// Also the triangle pouch in gold:https:// Amazing giveaway!

Although all the items are to die for, the lavender backpack is my favorite. https:// -Liz ( I absolutely adore the minimalism to these bags/wallets. I’ve been looking for playful ways to spice up my neutral/wardrobe. https:// & https:// I love the Baxter Backpack, particularly the nude! (https:// It is perfect for someone who works at LSU and constantly needs to be adding purple accessories into their rotation. And with that colour, it’s sure to stand out in the depthes of that huge blackhole all purses turn into. https:// https:// And https:// – I’ve never seen anything like it! Beautiful bags, all of their products are the perfect marriage of simplicity functionality!

They’re so sophisticated and simple in their beauty. https:// https:// https:// https:// Aaaah everything is so beautiful!! I’m a big believer in layering basics, and I think that this lavender baxter backpack would work really well with highwaisted dark grey jeans, a boxy t-shirt and black leather chelsea boots. Would be really great when going from work to bike: https:// I can also never say no to gold…So I also love this little foldover clutch: https:// -xx Oooh! I am totally obsessed with the teal scuba tote and the tan triangle pouch. https:// I am moving across the country from Chicago to Seattle at the end of the summer, and I think this would be the perfect little travel pack as I update my wardrobe to live in the Pacific Northwest! Also, really like the simplicity of this one: https:// I’m really liking their descriptions for each item. Also feeling the need to use more exclamation points after visiting their website! My current bag is falling apart and these remind me of my days in Australia fondly 🙂 https:// https:// Simple and classy. https:// https:// https:// https:// Love the backpacks!!

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