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An assessment is to be made of individuals soon after they enter education and a programme including targets for attainment will be agreed and regularly reviewed.Alongside this a form of casework is proposed as the dominant way of working.The aim is to fund at least two pilot new community school projects in each local authority (at a cost of £26 million over the three financial years from April 1999 (Scottish Executive News Release SE0925/1999).

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(Schools acting alone would probably find it disproportionately expensive to insure any comprehensive range of health activities).

Third, there are significant potential conflicts of interest especially around the ‘image’ of the school and the sorts of advice and service that may be necessary around sexual activity, drug usage and so on.

In this case we need to look at the impact of poverty and the widening gap between rich and poor; of racism and political exclusion.

In many respects this is a rerun of a tension that runs through many initiatives – but this does not undermine its importance. Head teachers have not been keen historically to have work happening in schools over which they have little control.

People are identified who are in need of intervention in order that they turn away from engaging in high-risk activities; re-engage with the schooling system; and/or to deal with their troubles.

Newcs not updating

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