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Right, now even before I started fucking Todd I knew I wanted to fuck him and that he wanted to fuck me, but it was only after I'd found out that my Friend Jayne was fucking both her Brothers, who'd already fucked each other, that I fucked Todd.

Look, too late now,' she smiled, quickly pulling the vest top over her head and dropping it on the floor, knowing she was taking a massive risk but just too fucking horny to care, especially as he hadn't put his cock away, and it was getting hard again! 'And don't hold back either, Mike, fuck me as hard as you fucking can, in both fuck holes!

I reckon there must have been ten, fifteen other lots of Siblings there in total, some just a Brother and Sisters or others with three, four or even five Siblings!

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' Why not indeed, Mike said to himself, quickly giving in as she pushed her lips against his and they started French kissing, in between Lucy telling him she was inexperienced and that he was about to pop her Cherry, which to him was just the hottest thing ever, so of course he put her at ease, told her not to worry and that he'd show her what to do, and if she just relaxed and followed his lead she'd be fine, while he was also thinking about his Fuck Buddy Roxy and what had happened the last time they'd fucked, more of which shortly, because right now he had more important things to worry about, like tongue fucking his Sister and playing with her fantastic tits, and instructing her to play with his cock. And boy did he deliver, beginning slowly and fucking her with long, deep thrusts until she was cumming more or less all the time, which was when he went into overdrive, repeatedly driving his cock into her unbelievably tight cunt as hard as he could, before briefly pausing after a few minutes and asking her if she was OK, knowing it was a silly question given how much she was cumming but wanting to check just in case. And last weekend while I was fucking her at her House she invited a few other Girls and Blokes over to fuck, and her Brother Dean, (19), was also there, and not only did I fuck him and with one of Roxy's Friends, Kelly, (17), while Roxy was fucking in another room, but when I fucked her on her own and told her I'd fucked Dean she really got off on it!

' As he was talking she'd moved over to the sofa and almost sat down on his cock, straddling his waist with her legs so her tits were inches from his flushed face, while telling him what was going to happen next. I know it's Incest and totally wrong, Mike, but like I said, we've got the House to ourselves, I really want you to fuck me, so, why not take advantage and just see what happens? 'Just go slowly at first, Sis, and then the KY and your cunt juice will do the rest! In the meantime there was more serious fucking to be done, so that after she'd cum a few more times she told Mike that she wanted him to fuck her properly, leaning down to French kiss him as she spoke and whispering in his ear to fuck her as hard as he could, but to make sure he didn't cum inside her because she wasn't on the pill yet! ' 'Because there's this Girl I've been fucking for about three months, Roxy, (18), who is a complete Nymph and into anything.

No wonder you fuck so many Girls, I just hope I can get it all inside me! Now let me show you how good I am with my fingers, and then I'm going to eat you, if that's alright? Of course it is, you can do whatever you want to me, Mike, within reason! Be careful not to swallow too much, otherwise you'll choke yourself! As he was still emptying his sac Mike was trying to work out the last time he'd cum this much, and realised he'd probably never cum so much in his life, but the best thing about it was that as soon as he'd stopped, and leant down to lick her sticky tits and face clean before feeding her his cum, which she absolutely loved, he noticed that he was still rock hard! And by God it felt fucking fantastic, especially as each time she eased herself down onto his cock she took another inch or so inside her, until after about five minutes, and two or three mind blowing orgasms, she realised she had the full ten inches inside her, and that it didn't hurt at all.

Then he slid his middle finger all the way inside her and went to work on her fuck button, gently sucking it into his mouth while looking up at her, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, thinking, fucking hell, this is crazy, I'm fucking my little Sister, who I'm supposed to keep an eye on and protect, yet here I am having illegal sex with her! And it got even better when after he'd made her cum again, with her cooing and moaning and begging him not to stop, she decided she just had to suck his big cock and quickly took control, firstly sitting up on the sofa and kissing him long and hard so she could taste her cunt juice, which to her was just the wildest thing ever, then she told him to lie down and relax, wearing the dirtiest smile ever, and much like he'd done to her she kissed and licked every inch of has tanned, hairless upper body, before gripping the thick base of his rock hard cock and asking him what to do next. Lick up and down the shaft first though, so you make it nice and wet. By now she was really getting into it, sucking it for a couple of minutes, releasing it, with saliva dribbling from her mouth, then licking up, down and around the shaft before going back to sucking the swollen bell end like that ice lolly, the only problem being it was that good Mike felt his balls tighten, and as they had all night to fuck he told he was going to cum, and that he was gonna do it all over her tits and face! So without too much fuss he told her to lie down, knelt in front of her just as his balls erupted and he started spraying thick wads of creamy cum all over her boobs and smiling face, leaving her giggling and laughing and opening her mouth as wide as she could. And really warm and wet, and it feels fucking sensational! ' Well of course she was, but because she was concentrating so hard on what she was doing, and also because she could barely breathe, she just gave him the thumbs up as she slowly but surely started fucking him, her own fucking Brother!

And I know it's really fucked up, Mike, but I really need to get fucked, and seeing as I'm not allowed to go to pubs or clubs yet, what's a horny Girl like me supposed to do? And because he was so well hung and it was her first time he suggested that she ride him so she could get used to it and fuck him at her own pace. And that's when she decided this wasn't going to be a one off and that she wanted to fuck her Brother every chance she got, and with their Dad working away at least three times a week, and their Mum always busy organising charity events and other stuff, which meant her being out at least two nights a week, plus them going away nearly every weekend, it meant only one thing, that she'd be having wild Incestuous Sex more or less every day from now on.

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