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Everyone knows what bearings are, but the practical side of their uses and fitting is the least understood of all mechanical subjects.

Again, most people know that a bearing requires a lubricant, but that is as far as general knowledge goes, therefore the author wishes to explain and illustrate the many varieties of bearings, and also their methods of lubrication and fitting.

Special bearings are also made in which there are four pieces, FIG 7 BEABTNG ON BAM OF PEBSS namely, top and bottom and side pieces, which can be adjusted by wedges SPLIT BEARINGS Another type of adjustable bearing is the tapered bush, and also the split bush. 11 and 12, and the adjustment is made by moving the bush endways, by means of screwed collars. 14 and 15, the bearing material in this case being white metal, and the thrust is taken on a thrust race fitted at the rear bearing. Some of these slides are extensive, as here the object is not to keep down friction so much as freedom from, wear, and also stiffness to withstand the heavy cuts. HEADSTOCK BEABINQ Fig 17 shows one good method of fitting small loose- pieces in front of all these surfaces, which hold a felt washer so that oil is kept in, and, a more important point, dirt and foreign matter kept out SHAFTING BEARINGS (JOURNALS) Although line shafting bearings now consist of either the ball or roller type, there is hardly a factory in which some of the shafting and most of the countershafts are not of the plain type. Th top oil groove and th oiling rings can also b seen. In other special cases, the bearing itself is water-cooled FIG. PLUMMHR BLOOK, RING OILED by means of inserted pipes through which a flow oi water is maintained. 21) are sometimes similar to hangars and the brasses are pegged in, or in older types the outside section of the brasses are square, hexagon, or octagon, and fit mtc correspondingly shaped housings. Notice the two hexagor plugs on the bottom half, one at the side for the oi level, and the one at the base for draining purposes. In a more important case, a number of discs are used, and the discs are alternately hardened steel and bronze, the end ones being fixed as before. would vary from ml at the centre of the shaft to 300 ft. The best means to use, therefore, is an oil groove cut either right or left hand according to the rotation of the shaft, which when revolved will act on the principle of an archimedean screw, and carry the oil up the shaft to the bearing.

Being split, the housing compresses the bush as it is forced farther in. 12 will show the reader how this adjustment is performed. There are also the ways and beds of the machine, which are bearings where only sliding action takes place, but, nevertheless, they require oil grooves Fia. With shafting it is impor- tant that the various bearings are in line, and, to J r: 3986 Fia. The bearing i adjustable for heigt by means of the top an bottom support arms which are screwed an fitted with a lockin screw. Where white meta bearings are used they should be held securely in the housings, either by pegging, grooving, or serratmg The oiling arrangement in Fig. STEP BEARINGS With shafting and hangars, there is hardly any thrus to trouble about, but if the shaft is vertical, there n PLAIN BEARINGS 1635 he weight of the shafting and the pulleys to support, n the simpler type of step bearing, a pair of thrust rashers are used, one fixed to the end of the shaft and Brass Steel FIGS. COIJUAR TYPE BEARINGS With a shaft of large diameter, a step bearing is unsatisfactory, as the velocities and, therefore, the wear varies at different points. MACHINE TOOL BEARINGS On precision machines, and especially grinding machines, great care must be taken to ensure that no dust or fine abrasive can obtain access to the bearings , as otherwise wear and the consequent bad finish inaccurate work, and also chatter marks will be pro- duced. As will be seen, there is a taper at 1638 WORKSHOP PRACTICE both ends of the spindle, and a pair of adjustable bear- ings are fitted.

WORKSHOP PRACTICE VOLUME VH WORKSHOP PRACTICE VOLUME H VOLUME VIT PLAIN BEARINGS nr A. The reasons given above, we think, justify th omission of special reference to this type of engine i the work. Bearings are also the parts of the machine which bear the friction, and a designer aims to cut this down to a minimum undue loss of strength.

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