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Nobody knew what the CH stood for (I found out later, but was sworn to secrecy, so sorry, I can’t tell you), but everybody just referred to him as Tom.After that, we all wandered off to our form rooms to take care of registration and discover our timetables for the year. Each day would start with assembly, with one year having theirs in the Dining Hall, and the others in the main hall.The assembly started with the headmaster welcoming us all back to a new school year. He unveiled a number of staff changes, told us all about the boys’ Rugby trials, and the girls’ hockey trials this Wednesday, then read out the list of form teachers and form rooms for the year.

I headed towards the hall where the first assembly of the year would take place and waited.

As a fourth year student (that’s year 10, or what the Americans would call a freshman) I could take a seat anywhere at the rear of the hall, except for the very back row which was for teachers.

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“Mum,” I shouted when I’d done what I needed to, “Alison’s hogging the bathroom again, can I use your shower? Oh, you are a wimp, all right, I’ll close my eyes and promise not to peep.” Mum saved the day just then by shouting that breakfast was ready. Just as I was about to spear the last piece of bacon, Cal’s fingers popped across and lifted it from my plate.

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