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The process of recording piano—as we did last Friday—always starts with a piano tuner…and the man hired for this task had just as much character as the theme park-like recording space and fixtures.

The rights to Emilie’s CDs released under Trisol were sold to them and they legally re-print the CDs. "The Asylum" book has had public readings as early as 2008; Emilie may have been hospitalized multiple times. Past managers include Melissa King (Asylum Headmistress), Johnnie Clapper (Trisol), and Graham Brisben (Enchant Era). A Bloody Crumpet is a close friend of Emilie’s that either travels on tour with her or is deeply involved in her Asylum world and career. Veronica Varlow Captain Maggot Who are the non-touring Bloody Crumpets?

All CDs released by Messina Productions, Seraph Records, Traitor Records, and Trisol Records can be purchased through third-party sellers such as Ebay, Amazon, or Discogs. Rumor has it she and the Scorpion, Marc Senter, may be in a relationship.

Who are some of Emilie’s (known and public) close friends?

Queen f Lee Veronica Varlow Captain Maggot Darren Bousman Laura Bousman Terrance Zdunich Marc Senterand the rest of the cast and crew of When is the Jane Brooks Project coming out? The Enchant Puzzle is included in the Traitor Records Enchant album, which can only be bought through third-party sellers. What’s some notable stuff that EA has sold on e Bay?

It also houses a spiral staircase surrounded by a kaleidoscope of floor-to-ceiling, multifaceted mirrors, and a shower made to look like a cave. In addition to being the site where many genre-defining albums were recorded—like Tool’s —one’s imagination doesn’t need to stray too far to picture the parade of eccentric souls and situations that have graced these halls.

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